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9 Combined Study Guide - Ch 7 Human Population Study Guide...

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Ch. 7 Human Population Study Guide 4 principles of Sustainability: 1. Reliance on Solar Energy: 2. Biodiversity (F,G,S,P): 3. Population Control: 4. Nutrient Cycling: 5 steps of Pathway to Sustainability: 1. There is natural capital 2. We degrade natural capital 3. We come up with solutions 4. With solutions there are tradeoffs 5. Individuals matter 3 contributions human population growth: 1. Humans developed the ability to expand into diverse new habitats and different climate zones 2. Emergence of early and modern agriculture allow more people to be fed per unit of land area 3. Births to exceed deaths. Current human population worldwide: 6.7 billion Current Population in China - 1.3 billion Current Population in India - 1.1 billion Current Population in U.S. - 296 million 6 factors that contribute to a decline in death rates : 1. Increased food supplies 2. Better nutrition 3. Advances in medicine 4. Improved sanitation 5. Improved personal hygiene 6. Safer water supplies 3 ways that best slow population growth: 1. Improve health care for infants, children, and pregnant women
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2. Provide more education, especially for girls and women 3. Sharply reduce poverty 4 stages of the population shift over the past 200 years: 1. People migrated from rural areas to large central cities 2. Many people migrated from large central cities to suburbs and smaller cities
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9 Combined Study Guide - Ch 7 Human Population Study Guide...

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