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enviro - Ch1 NOTES - Chapter 1 Notes Page 1 Environmental...

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Chapter 1: Notes Page 1 Environmental Worldviews: Planetary Management We are the planet’s most important and dominant species We can and should manage the earth for our own benefit Other species have value based on how useful they are to us “Nature belongs to us rather than we to nature” We will not run out of resources Stewardship We have ethical responsibility to be caring and responsible managers (stewards) of the earth We should discourage things that are harmful to the environment We should not waste resources, although we will probably not run out Should leave the earth in a good condition for future inhabitants Environmental Wisdom We are a part of nature and depend on it Resources should not be wasted because they are limited Discourage things that are degrading the environment Natural Capital - natural resources plus the services offered by that resource Water gives us drinking, electricity, irrigation Plants provide nutrition, coal, habitat, cover, shelter, and energy We live off of natural capitol, but in the process sometimes we degrade our natural capital. (pollution, overuse degrade our natural capital) A resource becomes economically depleted when it costs more to produce than people are willing to pay for it. Sources that are free: Wind Water Solar A Path to Sustainability: we have natural capital natural capital degradation does occur we have to search for solutions with our solution we have to make trade-offs or compromises individuals matter Developed country - provides for its citizens comfortably (USA and Europe...etc)
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Chapter 1: Notes Page 2 Developing country Most countries are still developing.
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