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Environmental Science Test Study Guide Pre-Text material and Chapter 1 Page 1 In book: make sure you understand The Path to Environmental Sustainability - page 7 sound science pg 14 - causes of environmental problems (5) pg 16 - difference between developing and developed nations 1. Name the 5 steps on the Path to Environmental Sustainability. we have natural capital natural capital degradation does occur we have to search for solutions with our solution we have to make trade-offs or compromises individuals matter 2. Explain the 3 different Environmental Worldviews: Planetary Management, Stew- ardship, and Environmental Wisedom. Planetary Management We are the planet’s most important and dominant species We can and should manage the earth for our own benefit Other species have value based on how useful they are to us “Nature belongs to us rather than we to nature” We will not run out of resources Stewardship We have ethical responsibility to be caring and responsible managers (stewards) of the earth We should discourage things that are harmful to the environment We should not waste resources, although we will probably not run out
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enviro - Ch1 SG - Environmental Science Test Study Guide...

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