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enviro - Ch4&5 SG - EVOLUTION The change in a...

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EVOLUTION: The change in a populations genetic makeup throughout successive generations Gene Pool: The sum of all genes found in the individuals of the populations of a species Mutations: Random changes in the structure or number of DNA molecules in a cell Natural Selection: Occurs when some individuals of a population have genetically based traits that increase their chances of survival and their ability to produce offspring with the same traits. Adaptation: Any heritable trait that enables an organism to survive and reproduce better under prevailing en- vironmental conditions. Weather: an area’s short term temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, and other physical conditions, of the lower atmosphere over a short period of time. Climate: a region’s general pattern of atmosphere or weather conditions over a long period of time BIOME: Terrestrial regions inhabited by certain types of life, especially vegetation. Niche - total way of life or role of a species in an ecosystem Habitat - place or type of place where an organism or population of organisms lives
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enviro - Ch4&5 SG - EVOLUTION The change in a...

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