enviro - Ch5 class chart

enviro - Ch5 class chart - Biomes and Aquatic Life Zones...

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Biomes and Aquatic Life Zones TYPES of DESERTS Trade Wind Desert - Sahara in North Africa Mid Latitude Desert (30-50 degrees latitude) Tengger in China Sonoran Desert Rain Shadow Deserts - Tianshan Desert in China Coastal Deserts (affected by cold ocean currents) Namib in Africa Atacama in S. America (earth’s driest desert) Monsoon Desert (shaped by seasonal winds) Thar in Pakistan Rajasthan in India Polar Desert - Dry Valleys in Antarctica Desert Adaptations Producers: Yucca Plant, Prickley Pear Cactus Primary Consumer: Kangaroo Rat Secondary Consumer: Diamond Back Rattlesnake Tertiary Consumer: Road Runner Decomposer: Bacteria, Fungi Special Features Evaporation must exceed precipitation Sparse, widely spaced, low vegetation Heat stored in the ground radiates into the atmosphere Degradation Large Desert cities: Phoenix, Flagstaff, Las Vegas Soil destruction by off road vehicles Depletion of underground water supplies Large arrays of solar panels Storage of toxic waste GRASSLANDS Types of Grasslands Tropical - Savanna (warm year-round, 2 long dry seasons, abundant rain)
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enviro - Ch5 class chart - Biomes and Aquatic Life Zones...

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