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Enviro Ch5 - It is important to have different ecosystems 4 What type of biome do you live in How have human activities over the past 50 years

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Chapter 5: Critical Thinking Questions Page 1 1. List a limiting factor for each of the following ecosystems: A. A desert - lack of water B. Arctic Tundra - really cold C. Alpine Tundra - low-growing plants D. The floor of a tropical rain forest - hot, moist air E. A temperate deciduous rain forest - abundant precipitation F. The surface layer of the open sea - salinity G. The bottom of a deep lake - lack of food 2. Why do deserts and arctic tundra support a much smaller biomass of animals than do tropical forests? They have more harsh, extreme limiting factors. 3. Do you agree or disagree with returning large numbers of bison to the plains of North America? Explain. I think that if returning the bison really would help restore the tall-grass prairie, it is a good idea.
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Unformatted text preview: It is important to have different ecosystems. 4. What type of biome do you live in? How have human activities over the past 50 years affected the characteristic vegetation and animal life normally found in the biome you live in? How is your lifestyle affecting this biome? Temperate Clearing of more and more forests Conversion of diverse forests to less biodiverse tree plantations. We have several farms on which we have cleared and planted trees that we can sell. 5. Which factors in your lifestyle contribute to the destruction and degradation of coastal and inland wetlands? Our house at the beach does not have as much of a natural barrier between the ocean and the house as it should....
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