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enviro - Ch6 notes - species The Principles of __________...

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CH. 6 Notes Page 1 Keystone Species: Integral to how the system works Plays a large role on the species within the same community Species Diversity : The number of species a community contains ( species richness ) combined with the abundance of individuals within each of those species ( species evenness ). Ecological Community: A small area of plants and animals and their environment Structure of a particular ecological community: Four Scientific Principles on Sustainability Reliance on Solar Energy: Biodiversity: Functional Genetic Species Population OS much diversity within the biosphere Population Control: Taking out the animals that aren’t as strong Nutrient Cycling: You eat something that ate something that ate something that ate something Opportunists - roaches; species with really high/fast reproductive cycles Predators - species with really slow reproductive cycles (elephants)
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CH. 6 Notes Page 2 Crossword Puzzle: Category of species that influence specific types and populations of various other
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Unformatted text preview: species The Principles of __________ include solar energy, nutrient cycling, population control, and biodiversity What we call species that reproduce quickly when conditions are favorable or when a new habitat is opened up Category of species that serve as a warning for harmful changes in biological com-munities An abandoned highway or parking lot, or a newly created pond are examples of this type of succession A type of succession that begins in a place where vegetation has been disturbed but the soil or bottom sediment is still intact The number of individuals of a given species that can be sustained indefinitely in a particular area (2 words) Species that are introduced into a community A change in the structure of an ecological community whereby one group of spe-cies gradually replaces another Resource management among species develop specialized traits that allow them to share resources...
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enviro - Ch6 notes - species The Principles of __________...

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