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enviro - Ch7 overviews - what factors determine how urban...

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Chapter 7: Overviews Bradley Clark 1. How is population size affected by birth, death, fertility, and migration rates? Population change = (births + immigration) - (deaths + emigration) 2. How is population size affected by the percentage of males and females at each age level? The number of people in each age group: prereproductive (age 0-14), reproductive (age 15-44), and post-reproductive (age 45+) determines how fast or slow popula- tion size increases or decreases. 3. How can we slow population down? The more economically developed a country becomes, the more their birth and death rates decline. Family planning can also help control the birth rate. 4. What success have India and China had in slowing population growth? India - modest success China - cut its birth rate in half and sharply reduced its fertility rate 5. How is the world’s population distributed between rural and urban areas, and
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Unformatted text preview: what factors determine how urban areas develop? ← ← The world’s population is almost evenly split between rural and urban areas. ← ← 6. What are major resource and environmental problems faced by urban areas? ← ← Loss of cropland ← Loss of forests and grasslands ← Loss of wetlands ← Loss and fragmentation of wildlife habitats ← Increased wildlife roadkill ← Increased soil erosion ← 7. How do transportation systems shape urban areas and growth, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of transportation? ← ← Land availability determines what kind of transportation a city will be most reliant on. ← ← 8. How can cities be made more sustainable and more desirable places to live? Chapter 7: Overviews Bradley Clark...
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enviro - Ch7 overviews - what factors determine how urban...

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