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enviro - Ch8&9 SG - Ch. 8 (pg. 155 - 181) Ch. 9 (pg....

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Ch. 8 (pg. 155 - 181) Ch. 9 (pg. 184 - 203) STUDY GUIDE 1. Reasons to preserve BIODIVERSITY (F) Because it has both Intrinsic and Instrumental Value 2. Tactics for preserving Biodiversity through the Ecosystem approach include (S) protecting habitat areas eliminating or reducing populations of nonnative species from protected areas managing protected areas to sustain native species 3. Government agencies that manage public lands in the US (J) US Forest Service Bureau of Land Management (BLM) US Fish and Wildlife Service National Park Service 4. Ecological services provided by FORESTS (E) Reducing soil erosion absorbing, releasing and purifying water storing atmospheric carbon providing wildlife habitats 5. Methods of tree harvesting (A) clear cutting selective cutting strip cutting 6. Trade offs for clear cutting forests include… (M) higher timber yields reduction in biodiversity eliminates recreational value for several decades
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enviro - Ch8&9 SG - Ch. 8 (pg. 155 - 181) Ch. 9 (pg....

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