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Chapter 6: Understanding Stress and Disease 2: Objectives Predict the effects of stress on the immune and nervous systems leading to health and illness Evaluate the role of learning on the function of the immune system Synthesize the effects of stress and other factors on the origins of headache 3: Stress and Disease Exams can be dangerous to your health After exam cold or Fu? Not everyone gets sick Cohen et al studies Exposure Contraction (you might have previous immunity, your immune system may be fully functioning) Contraction Symptoms or illness (just because you contracted the virus, doesn’t mean you are going to show symptoms, your immune system might be strong enough to ±ght it off) Ch. 6 Notes Page 1
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4: Stress and Disease Association Causation Animal Studies Monkeys (we can stress them long term, hierarchical, to initiate stress you take away the alpha male and switch them with alpha males from other groups) Results Herbert and Cohen (1993) Meta analysis (doing a lot of studies in small groups) (looked at 38 studies with stress/immune relationship) Results (stress and immune system have a strong
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psy 104 Ch6 - Ch 6 Notes Page 1 Chapter 6 Understanding...

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