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psy 104 - ch4 - Ch 4 Notes(Page 1 Theories of Reasoned...

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Theories of Reasoned Action and Planned Behavior: Both assume that the immediate determiner of behavior is people’s intention to perform that behavior Both are only moderately successful at predicting adherence to helath-related behaviors. The Transtheoretical Model (Pg. 72): Upwards spiral from Precontemplation to maintenance Maintenance People need help or information oriented toward preserving their changes Action The person is making over changes in behavior Preparation Need speciFc suggestions on how to change Contemplation Is aware of the problem, but is not yet making any changes Pre contemplation Any help does not good because these people do not believe they have a problem What factors predict Adherence?: 1. Severity of the disease Does not typically affect adherence Ch. 4 Notes (Page 1)
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2. Treatment characteristics Side Effects of the Medication - The more severe the less likely they are to adhere Complexity of the Treatment - The more complex the treatment, the lower is
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psy 104 - ch4 - Ch 4 Notes(Page 1 Theories of Reasoned...

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