PSY 104 Lecture 01 - Handout-2 2

PSY 104 Lecture 01 - Handout-2 2 - Objectives Introducing...

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Introducing Health Psychology Q UIN 1 Chapter 1 Objectives • Define health and illness. • Interpret the role of body (biological), and mind (psychological) to issues related to health 2 related to health. • Synthesize the roles of biological, psychological, and social issues in relation to health. Defining Health • Do you think psychology has anything to do with health? • Is behaving in a healthy way the same as preventing illness? 3 • How do we know a serious symptom from a normal sensation? • Do you like going to doctors? • What if illness impacted you? Health Psychology •H1N1 – Two students example – Who is going to get sick? 4 Pandemic and Psychology • Global pandemic declared by WHO • Vaccine expected approx Nov 1; will probably require 2 doses; 2-3 weeks apart; best protection will take days after 2 nd dose. Most susceptible populations: Pregnant women 1 Most susceptible populations: Pregnant women, 1- 24 year olds. • Expected to worsen this fall • Not different from a typical “annual flu”, except – 3 times the number of cases expected – twice the number of deaths expected 5 Pandemic and Psychology • Symptoms – Fever – Cough – Sore throat – Runny or stuffy nose – Body Aches – Headache – Chills – Fatigue 6
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Pandemic and Psychology • Spread via contact with surfaces; shaking hands, etc. • Infectious for 2-8 hours outside of body • Therefore, “overnight” cleaning not necessary • Destroyed by alcohol such as hand sanitizers 7 Pandemic and Psychology • Get BOTH vaccines! • Washing/sanitizers • On first appearance of symptoms (fever plus cough or sore throat) cough or sore throat), – Do NOT come to class if you are ill – Report to health services – Social isolation • What is common to all of these? 8
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PSY 104 Lecture 01 - Handout-2 2 - Objectives Introducing...

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