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PSY 104 Lecture 01 - Handout-2 2

PSY 104 Lecture 01 - Handout-2 2 - Objectives Introducing...

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Introducing Health Psychology Q UIN 1 Chapter 1 Objectives Define health and illness. Interpret the role of body (biological), and mind (psychological) to issues related to health 2 related to health. Synthesize the roles of biological, psychological, and social issues in relation to health. Defining Health Do you think psychology has anything to do with health? Is behaving in a healthy way the same as preventing illness? 3 How do we know a serious symptom from a normal sensation? Do you like going to doctors? What if illness impacted you? Health Psychology • H1N1 – Two students example – Who is going to get sick? 4 Pandemic and Psychology Global pandemic declared by WHO Vaccine expected approx Nov 1; will probably require 2 doses; 2-3 weeks apart; best protection will take days after 2 nd dose. Most susceptible populations: Pregnant women 1 Most susceptible populations: Pregnant women, 1- 24 year olds. Expected to worsen this fall Not different from a typical “annual flu”, except – 3 times the number of cases expected – twice the number of deaths expected 5 Pandemic and Psychology • Symptoms – Fever – Cough – Sore throat – Runny or stuffy nose – Body Aches – Headache – Chills – Fatigue 6
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Pandemic and Psychology Spread via contact with surfaces; shaking hands, etc. Infectious for 2-8 hours outside of body Therefore, “overnight” cleaning not necessary Destroyed by alcohol such as hand sanitizers 7 Pandemic and Psychology Get BOTH vaccines! Washing/sanitizers On first appearance of symptoms (fever plus cough or sore throat) cough or sore throat), Do NOT come to class if you are ill Report to health services Social isolation What is common to all of these?
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