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PSY 104 Lecture 10 - Handout - Objectives Chapter 10 QUIN...

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Chapter 10 Q UIN 1 Identifying Behavioral Factors in Cancer Objectives • Design a psychological intervention for the prevention of cancer • Interpret the role of personality factors in the genesis of cance 2 in the genesis of cancer • Formulate a psychological treatment to counter the effects of cancer treatment Introduction • Cancer is the second leading cause of death • Ancient disease – yet defies treatment 3 – 1800s – death sentence –St igma • Psychology – intellectual curiosity • Survivorship Cancer: Definition • Not one disease, but a set of related diseases • Altered cells (cancer) are allowed to replicate without control by body 4 • All tumors are not cancerous – Benign – Malignant – metastasis Categories of Cancer • Carcinoma – skin and epithelial cells 5 Categories of Cancer • Sarcoma – bone and connective tissue 6
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Categories of Cancer • Leukemia – blood and blood producing cell 7 Categories of Cancer • Lymphoma – lymphatic tissue 8 Risk Factors • General theories of how cancer develops • Cancer develops from genetic causes or as a mutation 9 – Gene loci identified for certain kinds of cancer – BRCA1, BRCA2 – Oncogenes Risk Factors • Cancer develops as a lapse in immune function – Lack of vigilance by immune system or virus 10 – Cervical cancer and human Papilloma virus • Cancer caused by unknown pathway Psycho-oncology • History – Galen (200 AD) – melancholic v. sanguine – Gendron (1701) and Guy (1759) – anxiety and hysteria 11
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PSY 104 Lecture 10 - Handout - Objectives Chapter 10 QUIN...

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