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1 Ch. 10: Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders: Learning Objectives : Describe gender identity disorder and how it is treated Describe the sexual response patter of males and females and the related sexual disorders Describe paraphilias, their causes and treatments Gender Identity Disorder : psychological dissatisfaction with one’s biological sex Sexual Dysfunction : individual finds it hard to function adequately while having sex Paraphilia : sexual deviation - includes disorders in which sexual arousal occurs primarily in the context of inappropriate objects or individuals Layers of Erotic Life : Layer 1: your sexual identity - do you consider yourself to be male or female Layer 2: sexual orientation - who are you attracted to Layer 3: sexual interest - what arouses you, what are you attracted to Layer 4: gender role - Layer 5: sexual performance - Gender Identity Disorder : Person feels trapped in the body of the wrong sex Assume identity of the desired sex The goal is not sexual Causes are unclear Sex-reassignment surgery Psychosocial Treatment of Gender IDentity Disorder Human Sexual Response Cycle : Desire Phase Arousal Stage Plateau Phase
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2 Orgasm Phase Resolution Phase Classification of Sexual Dysfunctions : Lifelong - present during entire sexual history Acquired - interrupts normal sexual pattern Generalized - present in every encounter Specific - present only with certain partners or certain times Sexual Desire Disorders Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - Little or no interest in any type of sexual activity - Masturbation, sexual fantasies, and intercourse are rare - Accounts for half of all complaints at sexuality clinics Sexual Aversion Disorder - Little interest in sex - Physical/sexual contact - Extreme fear, panic, disgust
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psy 220 - Ch.10doc - 1 Ch 10 Sexual and Gender Identity...

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