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psy 220 - Ch7 (my notes) - 1 Ch. 7: Mood Disorders and...

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1 Ch. 7: Mood Disorders and Suicide Mood Disorders - characterized by gross deviations in mood Major Depressive Disorder: Most commonly diagnosed and most severe depression Lasts at least 2 weeks and includes: Cognitive symptoms (such as feelings of worthlessness and indecisiveness) Disturbed physical functions (such as altered sleep patterns, significant changes in appetite and weight, or a notable loss of energy) to the point where the slightest activity or movement requires an overwhelming effort Most central indicators of a full major depressive episode: Physical changes ( somatic or vegetative symptoms) Behavioral and emotional “shut down” Anhedonia - loss of energy and inability to engage in pleasurable activities or have any “fun” The anhedonia reflects that these episodes represent a state of low positive affect not just high negative affect The duration of a major depressive episode, if untreated, is approximately 4 to 9 months. Almost all major depressive episodes go away on their own without treatment, although ap-
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psy 220 - Ch7 (my notes) - 1 Ch. 7: Mood Disorders and...

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