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psy 220 - Ch8 - 1 Chapter 8 Eating and Sleep Disorders...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Chapter 8: Eating and Sleep Disorders Learning Objectives : Describe the essential features of bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa Describe etiologies and treatments of eating disorders Describe core features of dyssomnias and parasomnias Describe etiologies and treatments of major sleep disorders Eating Disorders : Severe disruptions in eating behavior Extreme fear and apprehension about gaining weight Have strong sociocultural origins - Westernized views Predominant in young, white, females in socially competitive environment Bulimia Nervosa : Out of control eating episodes followed by self induced purges Majority are female Onset around 16 - 19 years old Bulimics are ashamed of their problem and their lack of control Binge eating - hallmark- Binge = eating excess amounts of food- Eating is perceived as uncontrollable Compensatory behaviors 2- Purging = self-induced vomiting, diuretics, laxatives- Some exercise excessively, whereas other fast Subtypes of Bulimia- Purging subtype - majority of people, will purge- Non-purging subtype: exercise and/or fasting Associated Medical Features- Purging can result in severe medical problems- Puffy cheeks - salivary glands are swollen- Erosion of dental enamel, electrolyte imbalance (as you vomit, you eliminate the po- tassium, calcium, etc that you need)- Calluses on their fingers on the back of their hands- Kidney failure, cardiac arrhythmia, seizures, intestinal problems, permanent colon dam- age Associated Psychological Features- Most are overly concerned with body shape- Fear gaining weight- High comorbidity - anxiety, mood, and substance abuse Treatment:- Antidepressants- CBT - to address behavior and attitudes on eating and body shape - IPT- Tends to be chronic if left untreated 3...
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psy 220 - Ch8 - 1 Chapter 8 Eating and Sleep Disorders...

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