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psy 220 - Ch10 notes - What is Normal Sexuality It depends...

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What is Normal Sexuality : It depends Current views: tolerant of a variety of sexual expressions, even if they are unusual, unless the behavior is associated with a substantial impairment in functioning (3 kinds of sexual behavi- or) - Gender Identity Disorder : psychological dissatisfaction with one’s biological sex - Sexual Dysfunction : individual finds it hard to function adequately while hav- ing sex - Paraphilia : sexual deviation - includes disorders in which sexual arousal oc- curs primarily in the context of inappropriate objects or individuals Sexuality among elderly individuals - Sexual behavior continues well into old age - Earlier mortality of men = many older women lack a suitable partner - Decreases in sexual activity = decreases in general mobility various diseases processes and consequent medication, which may reduce arousal The speed and intensity of various vasocongestive responses de- crease with age Best predictors of sexual well-being = good physical and mental health, as well as a good re- lationship with a partner Gender Differences : Both men and women tend toward a monogamous pattern of sexual relationships More men than women report that they masturbate Attitudes toward casual premarital sex: - Men expressing a far more permissive attitude than women (this gap is be- coming smaller)
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Women are more interested with the love and intimacy, men are more interested in focusing
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psy 220 - Ch10 notes - What is Normal Sexuality It depends...

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