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psy 220 - Ch11 - 1 Ch 11 Substance-Related and...

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1 Ch. 11: Substance-Related and Impulse-Control Disorders Learning Objectives : Describe the nature of substance related disorders Describe the psychological effects of these substances Describe substance-dependence Describe the treatment and prevention of these disorders Substance use: - Ingestion of psychoactive substances in moderate amount - Does not interfere with social, education, occupation Substance intoxication: - Physiological reaction to ingested substances Substance abuse: - Pattern of substance use that leads to clinically significant impairment Substance dependence: - “addiction” - Person is dependent on the drug, requires increasingly greater amounts ( toler- ance) and with have a negative physical response when the substance is no longer ingested ( withdrawal ) Depressants : Behavior sedation Can induce relaxation Alcohol, barbiturates (sedative, hypnotic, etc), benzodiazepines (valium) Decrease CNS activity Alcohol Use Disorders
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2 - Depressant that removed the “breaks” on some parts of behavior - Biological effects are widespread - Motor coordination impaired, slowed reaction time, become confused, vision and hearing, ability to make judgements decreases - Effects serotonin system which regulates mood, sleep, eating Effects of Chronic Alcohol Use - Alcohol intoxication - Withdrawal: hand tremors, nausea/vomiting, anxiety, hallucinations, agitation - Dementia: general loss of intellectual abilities, can be a direct result of “poising the brain” with excessive amounts of alcohol - Wernicke’s disease: confusion, loss of muscle coordination, etc…. ..caused by not enough thiamine, a vitamin metabolized poorly by heavy drinkers
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psy 220 - Ch11 - 1 Ch 11 Substance-Related and...

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