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psy 220 - Ch12 - 1 Chapter 12 Personality Disorders...

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1 Chapter 12: Personality Disorders Learning Objectives: Describe the controversies over the nature of personality disorders Describe Cluster A (odd/eccentric) Describe Cluster B (dramatic/erratic/emotional) Describe antisocial personality disorder and criminal behavior Describe Cluster C (anxious/fearful) Cluster A (odd/eccentric) : Paranoid (extreme suspicion) Schizoid (social isolation) Schizotypal (suspicion and odd behavior) Cluster B (Dramatic, emotional, or erratic) : Histrionic (excessively emotional) Antisocial (violation of others’ rights) Borderline (tumultuous instability) Cluster C (anxious or fearful) : Dependent (pervasive need to be taken care of) Obsessive-Compulsive (fixation on details) Avoidant (inhibition)
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2 The Nature of Personality and Personality Disorders : Enduring and relatively stable predispositions (i.e. Ways of relating and thinking) Inflexible and maladaptive, causing distress, and/or impairment - Impairment and distress really annoys the people around them Coded on Axis II - there is something wrong with your personality 24/7 - It is going to go on forever - Originate in childhood - Can be related to high levels of co-morbidity with Axis I disorders - Effect all aspects of their life Categorical vs. Dimensional: - Dimensions = personality disorders are extreme versions of otherwise normal per- sonality variations - Categories = personality disorders are ways of relating that are different from psy- chologically healthy behavior Origins and Course of Personality Disorders
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psy 220 - Ch12 - 1 Chapter 12 Personality Disorders...

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