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psy 220 - Ch15 - 1 Ch. 15: Cognitive Disorders Learning...

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1 Ch. 15: Cognitive Disorders Learning Objectives : Describe delirium Describe dementia Describe major aspects of Alzheimer’s dementia Describe amnestic disorders Affect cognitive processes such as learning, memory, and consciousness Three classes of cognitive disorders: Delirium = - often temporary condition - displayed as confusion and disorientation Dementia = - progressive condition - gradual deterioration of a range of cognitive abilities Amnestic disorders = - dysfunction of memory - resulting from a medical condition, drug, toxin Delirium : Central features = impaired consciousness and cognition for several hours or days - Confusion - Disorientation - out of touch with surroundings - Attention (cannot focus and sustain attention on even the simplest task) - Marked impairment in memory and language Full recovery often occurs within several weeks
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2 Most prevalent in older adults, AIDS patients, and medical patients Medical Conditions - Drug intoxication, poisons, withdrawal - Infections, head injury, brain trauma - Sleep deprivation, immobility, and excessive stress Subtypes of Delirium - Delirium due to a general medical condition - Substance-induced delirium - Delirium due to multiple etiologies - Delirium not otherwise specified Pharmacological Treatments - Benzodiazepines - Antipsychotics Psychosocial Treatments - Reassurance - Presence of personal objects
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psy 220 - Ch15 - 1 Ch. 15: Cognitive Disorders Learning...

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