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HW 5 Spring 2011

HW 5 Spring 2011 - µ c>> µ This means that the core...

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Homework 5 Magnetic Force For the actuator shown above: N = 500 A = (20 mm) 2 = 4.0×10 -4 m 2 i = 3.0 A Calculate the flux density B(x) [T], the flux φ (x) [Wb], the coil inductance L(x) [H], and the electromagnetic force f e (x) [N] on the plunger (shown in green), all as functions of x. Evaluate at x 1 = 2 mm, x 2 = 5 mm, and x 3 = 10 mm. Assume that the magnetic core has a permeability
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Unformatted text preview: µ c >> µ . This means that the core reluctance is much smaller than the air-gap reluctance. The core includes the parts shaded in blue and green above. The air-gap is shown in white and has a length of x. If the sign on the force is negative, it just means that the force tends to make x smaller....
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