MGSupplyascii - 1.9760000e+003 6.3982900e+003...

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1.9760000e+003 6.3982900e+003 6.2634830e+003 6.8904840e+003 7.1594000e+003 6.8529680e+003 7.4819330e+003 7.3152260e+003 7.1681940e+003 7.0785000e+003 6.9290000e+003 7.0382330e+003 7.1378060e+003 1.9770000e+003 6.4721610e+003 6.8996790e+003 6.9078710e+003 7.3450670e+003 7.0292580e+003 7.5927670e+003 7.4394840e+003 7.4199350e+003 7.3161330e+003 7.1304190e+003 7.1913670e+003 7.3747100e+003 1.9780000e+003 6.6812260e+003 6.8764290e+003 7.2550000e+003 7.2023330e+003 7.7243870e+003 7.9130670e+003 7.5758710e+003 7.8722900e+003 7.3986330e+003 7.4479350e+003 7.5031330e+003 7.4514840e+003 1.9790000e+003 6.8303550e+003 7.2543570e+003 7.2290000e+003 7.0550330e+003 7.2133870e+003 7.1907670e+003 6.9018390e+003 7.3302580e+003 6.8808000e+003 7.0204520e+003 6.7909330e+003 6.7303550e+003 1.9800000e+003 6.3225810e+003 6.5962760e+003 6.4060970e+003 6.7999330e+003 6.7294840e+003 6.6572330e+003 6.7426450e+003 6.6481940e+003 6.5098670e+003 6.6623230e+003 6.2335330e+003 6.6318390e+003 1.9810000e+003 6.4311650e+003 6.3005640e+003 6.3026340e+003 6.6022810e+003 6.6148550e+003 7.0278050e+003 6.8230080e+003 6.6368120e+003 6.6619550e+003 6.5777090e+003 6.3727850e+003 6.6811200e+003 1.9820000e+003 5.9606070e+003 6.1958190e+003 6.4664330e+003 6.8974440e+003 6.6550200e+003 6.8352560e+003 6.7903820e+003 6.6140080e+003 6.5309540e+003 6.3905490e+003 6.5744640e+003 6.5487340e+003 1.9830000e+003 6.0507440e+003 6.0002490e+003 6.8357790e+003 6.4523160e+003 6.6169700e+003 6.9935720e+003 6.7654320e+003 6.9355040e+003 6.7269100e+003 6.5881680e+003 6.6030600e+003 6.8461610e+003 1.9840000e+003 6.2645030e+003 6.2314180e+003 6.5281240e+003
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MGSupplyascii - 1.9760000e+003 6.3982900e+003...

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