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Lab04c - out.println(demo.ripString(9,12...

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//© A+ Computer Science - www.apluscompsci.com //Name - //Date - //Lab - import static java.lang.System.*; public class Lab04c { public static void main ( String[] args ) { StringRipper demo = new StringRipper("chicken"); out.println(demo.ripString(3,6)); out.println(demo); demo.setString("alligator"); out.println(demo.ripString(3,8)); out.println(demo); demo.setString("COMPUTER SCIENCE IS THE BEST!");
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Unformatted text preview: out.println(demo.ripString(9,12)); out.println(demo.ripString(0,12)); out.println(demo.ripString(5,20)); out.println(demo); demo.setString("I like fried chicken and mashed potatoes!"); out.println(demo.ripString(0,7)); out.println(demo.ripString(7,15)); out.println(demo.ripString(15,26)); out.println(demo.ripString(22,26)); out.println(demo); } }...
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