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ANTHC101.Syllabus.Fall 2011

ANTHC101.Syllabus.Fall 2011 - HUNTER COLLEGE OF THE CITY...

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HUNTER COLLEGE OF THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY ANTHC 101.00 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Fall Semester 2011 Monday/Thursday 2:45 - 4:00 p.m., Room 510 HN David Julian Hodges, Ph.D. Professor Course Syllabus This course is an introduction to the concepts, theories, and methods of cultural anthropology. We will be studying cultures other than our own as we consider the lines that divide us from others and the ties that bind us to them. Throughout this cross-cultural journey, we will seek to draw real-life implications for the applications of anthropology to the practical concerns that affect our society today. Reading Two textbooks have been selected for this course. One is a comprehensive text in cultural anthropology which provides the primary basis for our class sessions: Ferraro, Gary, and Susan Andreatta, Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective , 8 th Edition, Thomson/Wadsworth/, Belmont, CA, 2012. This textbook is available at the Hunter College Bookstore. The other textbook is an anthology. It exposes students to the perspectives and writing of a diverse cadre of thinkers and contributors. Many anthropologists whose articles are included in this anthology have names that are easily recognized as masters who helped pioneer the field of cultural anthropology. Every well-prepared student of introductory anthropology, upon completion of the course, should know them. Hodges, David Julian, Introducing Cultural Anthropology: Essential Readings , University Readers, San Diego, CA. Available online at universityreaders.com . (800) 200- 3908. Topics and readings from both of these texts will be followed in the sequence outlined in the Course Topics and Reading Calendar that begins on the next page. The course calendar indicates the dates when a topic will be discussed in class, and the reading that accompanies the discussion. Please complete the assigned reading prior to the class period for which the reading is initially scheduled on the Course Topics and Reading Calendar .
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Course Topics and Reading Calendar August 29 Course Introduction and General Information . Introduction to the subject and discussion of course requirements. September 1 The Field of Anthropology . Anthropology is the study of humans. The several fields of anthropology cover just about every topic relating to humans that can possibly exist. The first chapter in the Ferraro textbook is entitled, What is Anthropology? In this first session of the course, we will define and describe anthropology and discuss how anthropology differs from other disciplines, and we will discuss its four fields : biological anthropology (also referred to as physical anthropology); cultural anthropology; anthropological linguistics; and archaeology. Applied anthropology will be discussed as a controversial fifth field.
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