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35. (a) We assume that the top surface of the slab is at the surface of the water and that the automobile is at the center of the ice surface. Let M be the mass of the automobile, ρ i be the density of ice, and ρ w be the density of water. Suppose the ice slab has area A and thickness h .S in c eth ev o lum eo f ice is Ah , the downward force of gravity on the automobile and ice is ( M
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Unformatted text preview: ρ w Ahg , so the condition of equilibrium is ( M + ρ i Ah ) g − ρ w Ahg = 0 and A = M ( ρ w − ρ i ) h = 1100 kg (998 kg / m 3 − 917 kg / m 3 )(0 . 30 m) = 45 m 2 . These density values are found in Table 15-1 of the text. (b) It does matter where the car is placed since the ice tilts if the automobile is not at the center of its surface....
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