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16. In coming to equilibrium, the heat lost by the 100 cm 3 of liquid water (of mass m w = 100 g and speciFc heat capacity c w = 4190 J / kg · K) is absorbed by the ice (of mass m i which melts and reaches T f > 0 C). We begin by Fnding the equilibrium temperature: X Q =0 Q warm water cools + Q ice warms to 0 + Q ice melts + Q melted ice warms c w m w ( T f 20 )+ c i m i (0 ( 10 )) + L F m i + c w m i ( T f 0 )=0 which yields, after using L F = 333000 J/kg and values cited in the problem, T f =12 . 24 which is equivalent to T f = 285 . 39 K. Sample Problem 20-2 shows that S temp change
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