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43. There are 2 possible choices for each molecules: it can either be in side 1 or in side 2 of the box. Since there are a total of N independent molecules, the total number of available states of the N -particle system is N total =2 × 2 × 2 ×···× 2=2 N . For instance, in the solution of problem #42, above, there are a total of 2 8 = 256 states, as one can readily verify. It is possible to check this with the textbook example, too, but it is important to realize
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Unformatted text preview: that there are three additional congurations beyond what are shown in Table 21-1: one with n 1 = 0 and n 2 = 6, another with n 1 = 1 and n 2 = 5, and so on. When all these are included, there are a total of 2 6 = 64 microstates....
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