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Masterpieces of Greek Literature Dr. Fredricksmeyer Dr. Fre Herodotus. The Persian Wars Books 2-9: including the Egyptian logos, the Debate over Constitutions, Xerxes and Greek victory Book 2 Cambyses and his Egyptian campaign Egyptian logos (paratactic organization) Ethnographic : he said that fregeiens are the oldest people in the world. The Egyptian pharaoh gave two infants to a headsman to raise and said no one should speak in their presence. The first word they spoke was in a language called frigeien and they said the word threat. Eyptians and Greek pantheon: He also says the Greeks got their gods form the Egyptians most learned of all nations : he acknowledges the strengths of other cultures cultural relativism climate and character ( Airs, Waters, Places ) : reflects the preus that was included in the Hippocratic corpus. They recognized that people’s character was determined by weather and where they lived. reversal of customs in Egyptian culture : the customs of Egypt are reversed from those in Greece. The women go to market and trade and the men are the ones who stay home. Egyptian women pee standing up and men sit. religiosity of Egyptians : the priest class in Egypt was extremely powerful sometimes complementing the power of the pharaoh sometimes in conflict with it. They did not want information spread because it would be against them. vs. Greek human secularism : they did not have a priest class and did not have a strong organized religion in the same sense historical imagninary pharoah Rhampsinitus' treasury and the 2 thieves : tells a story about the architect of Rhampsinitus' treasury and his 2 sons. The architect built in a section on a block of stone that could be removed and told his sons about this so when they needed money they could get it through there. They get greedy and take so much that they notice and set a trap and one of the sons gets caught. He tells his brother to take his head with him so they cant identify either of them. The pharaoh gets so desperate to catch them that he puts his daughter in a house of prostitution. When she tries to catch the guy he has a
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fake arm and gets away. The pharaoh is so impressed that he hires him as his son in law and his inheritor. Egyptian cunning : this thief is typical of all Egyptians cultural relativism : he pays respect to other cultures Book 3 Cambyses and his Egyptian campaign (ring composition) hubris: Amasis : an enemy of his, orders his body to be dug up, mutilated and burned , Apis : a sacred Egyptian cow, he mistreats this cow and according to the Egyptians this lead to his death , Smerdis : his brother who he kills. He is basically out of control and these were his mistakes. [campaign vs. the Ethiopians-story of the bow]
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  • Spring '08
  • Battle of Thermopylae, Greco-Persian Wars, military state, Dr. Fre Herodotus, Persian Wars Books, Darius deliberants

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herodotus2 - Masterpieces of Greek Literature Dr...

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