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Unformatted text preview: 9. At points between the charges, the individual electric fields are in the same direction and do not cancel. Charge q2 has a greater magnitude than charge q1 , so a point of zero field must be closer to q1 than to q2 . It must be to the right of q1 on the diagram. • q2 d P • • q1 We put the origin at q2 and let x be the coordinate of P , the point where the field vanishes. Then, the total electric field at P is given by E= 1 4πε0 q2 q1 − 2 x (x − d)2 where q1 and q2 are the magnitudes of the charges. If the field is to vanish, q2 q1 = . x2 (x − d)2 √ √ We take the square root of both sides to obtain q2 /x = q1 /(x − d). The solution for x is √ x= = = = The point is 50 cm to the right of q1 . q2 d √ q2 − q1 √ 4.0q1 √ d √ 4.0q1 − q1 √ 2.0 d = 2. 0 d 2.0 − 1.0 (2.0)(50 cm) = 100 cm . ...
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