P23_024 - 24 We assume q > 0 Using the notation ╬ = q/L we note that the(in´Čünitesimal charge on an element dx of the rod contains charge dq = ╬

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24. We assume q> 0. Using the notation λ = q/L we note that the (infnitesimal) charge on an element dx oF the rod contains charge dq = λdx . By symmetry, we conclude that all horizontal feld components (due to the dq ’s) cancel and we need only “sum” (integrate) the vertical components. Symmetry also allows us to integrate these contributions over only halF the rod (0 x L/ 2) and then simply double the result. In that regard we note that sin θ = y/r where r = p x 2 + y 2 . Using Eq. 23-3 (with the 2 and
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