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Unformatted text preview: 72. The radius of the cylinder (0.020 m, the same as rB ) is denoted R, and the field magnitude there (160 N/C) is denoted EB . The electric field beyond the surface of the sphere follows Eq. 24-12, which expresses inverse proportionality with r: R |E | = EB r for r ≥ R . (a) Thus, if r = rC = 0.050 m, we obtain |E | = (160)(0.020)/(0.050) = 64 N/C. (b) Integrating the above expression (where the variable to be integrated, r, is now denoted ) gives the potential difference between VB and VC . r VB − VC = R EB R d = EB R ln r R = 2. 9 V . (c) The electric field throughout the conducting volume is zero, which implies that the potential there is constant and equal to the value it has on the surface of the charged cylinder: VA − VB = 0. ...
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