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Unformatted text preview: 19. The potential difference across each resistor is V = 25.0 V. Since the resistors are identical, the current in each one is i = V /R = (25.0 V)/(18.0 Ω) = 1.39 A. The total current through the battery is then itotal = 4(1.39 A) = 5.56 A. One might alternatively use the idea of equivalent resistance; for four identical resistors in parallel the equivalent resistance is given by 1 = Req 4 1 = . R R When a potential difference of 25.0 V is applied to the equivalent resistor, the current through it is the same as the total current through the four resistors in parallel. Thus itotal = V /Req = 4V /R = 4(25.0 V)/(18.0 Ω) = 5.56 A. ...
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