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56. (a) We found in part (e) of problem 45 in Chapter 27 that the magnitude of the electric Feld is E = 16 V/m. Taking this to be roughly constant over the small distance ( ` =0 . 50 m) involved here, then we approximate the potential di±erence between the man’s feet as V E` =8V . (b) The voltage found in part (a) drives a current
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Unformatted text preview: i through the two feet (each represented by R f = 300 ) and the torso (represented by R t = 1000 ). Thus, i = V 2 R f + R t = 8 V 2(300 ) + 1000 which yields i 5 mA. (c) Our value for i is far less than the stated 100 mA minimum required to put the heart into Fbrillation....
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