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butterflies in winter

butterflies in winter - Today we went to the Museum of...

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11/8/07 Today we went to the Museum of Natural History to check out the butterfly exhibit. We first dropped off our baggage and coats in the museum classroom and headed up to the second floor. Peter (the educator) gave us a handout that he had made for students. It had a butterfly on the front to color in and took two hands to hold open (he says to reduce the risk of students damaging the butterflies in the exhibit). I learned a lot about the logistics of running such an extraordinary display. The butterflies were shipped to the museum as chrysalis (each about 5-6 bucks) and pinned up inside clear boxes. When the butterfly emerges he needs a lot of strength to pump up his wings with blood (takes around 10-15 minutes) and is still trapped inside the plastic holding cage. At the end of each day, a butterfly specialist removes the newly emerged butterflies and adds them to the exhibit. As a butterfly gets ready to emerge, the chrysalis changes color. In the monarch butterfly, the caterpillar makes a green cocoon
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