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28. (a) Consider a segment of the projectile between y and y + dy . We use Eq. 30-14 to Fnd the magnetic force on the segment, and Eq. 30-9 for the magnetic Feld of each semi-inFnite wire (the top rail referred to as wire 1 and the bottom as wire 2). The current in rail 1 is in the + ˆ i direction, and the current in the rail 2 is in the ˆ i direction. The Feld (in the region between the wires) set up by wire 1 is into the paper (the ˆ k direction) and that set up by wire 2 is also into the paper. The force element (a function of y ) acting on the segment of the projectile (in which the current flows in the ˆ j direction) is given below. The coordinate origin is at the bottom of the projectile. d ~ F = d ~
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