P30_060 - 60. (a) Eq. 30-22 applies for r < c. Our sign...

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60. (a) Eq. 30-22 applies for r<c . Our sign choice is such that i is positive in the smaller cylinder and negative in the larger one. B = µ 0 ir 2 πc 2 for r c. (b) Eq. 30-19 applies in the region between the conductors. B = µ 0 i 2 πr for c r b. (c) Within the larger conductor we have a superposition of the Feld due to the current in the inner conductor (still obeying Eq. 30-19) plus the Feld due to the (negative) current in the that part of the outer conductor at radius less than r (see part (a) of problem 59 for more details). The result is B = µ 0 i 2 µ 0 i 2 µ r 2 b 2 a 2 b
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