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17. (a) It should be emphasized that the result, given in terms of sin(2 πft ), could as easily be given in terms of cos(2 πft )orevencos(2 πft + φ )where φ is a phase constant as discussed in Chapter 16. The angular position θ of the rotating coil is measured from some reference line (or plane), and which line one chooses will aFect whether the magnetic flux should be written as BA cos θ , BA sin θ or BA cos( θ + φ ). Here our choice is such that Φ B = BA cos θ . Since the coil is rotating steadily, θ increases linearly with time. Thus, θ = ωt (equivalent to θ =2 πft )i f θ is understood to be in radians (and ω would be the angular velocity). Since the area of the rectangular coil is A = ab , ±araday ’slawleadsto E = N d (
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