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Unformatted text preview: 24. (a) We assume the flux is entirely due to the field generated by the long straight wire (which is given by Eq. 30-19). We integrate according to Eq. 31-3, not worrying about the possibility of an overall minus sign since we are asked to find the absolute value of the flux. r +b/2 |ΦB | = r −b/2 µ0 i 2πr (a dr) = r+ µ0 ia ln 2π r− b 2 b 2 . (b) Implementing Faraday’s law involves taking a derivative of the flux in part (a), and recognizing that dr dt = v . The magnitude of the induced emf divided by the loop resistance then gives the induced current: b r+ 2 µ0 ia d E µ0 iabv =− ln . iloop = = b R 2πR dt 2πR (r2 − (b/2)2 ) r− 2 ...
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