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108. (Third problem of Cluster ) (a) , (b) and (c) The area enclosed by the loop is that of a rectangle with one side ( x ) expanding. With B 0 =0 . 200 T and ξ =0 . 050 T/s (the rate of Feld increase), we have Φ= BA =( B 0 + ξt )( Lx ) = B 0 Lvt + ξLvt 2 where x = vt has been used. Thus, from ±araday’s and Ohm’s laws, the induced current is i = E R = B 0 Lv R +2 ξLv R t and is counterclockwise (to produce Feld in the loop’s interior pointing out of the page, “Fghting” the increasing inward pointed flux due to the applied Feld). Therefore, the current at
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