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24. From the way the wire is wound it is clear that P 2 is the magnetic north pole while P 1 is the south pole. (a) The deflection will be toward P 1 (away from the magnetic north pole). (b) As the electromagnet is turned on, the magnetic flux Φ B through the aluminum changes abruptly, causing a strong induced current which produces a magnetic ±eld opposite to that of the electro- magnet. As a result, the aluminum sample will be pushed toward P 1 , away from the magnetic north pole of the bar magnet. As Φ
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Unformatted text preview: B reaches a constant value, however, the induced current disappears and the aluminum sample, being paramagnetic, will move slightly toward P 2 , the magnetic north pole of the electromagnet. (c) A magnetic north pole will now be induced on the side of the sample closer to P 1 , and a magnetic south pole will appear on the other side. If the magnitude of the eld of the electromagnet is larger near P 1 , then the sample will move toward P 1 ....
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