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28. We imagine the bullets (of mass m and speed v each) which will strike a surface of area A of the plane within time t to t +∆ t to be contained in a cylindrical volume at time t . Since the number of bullets contained in the cylinder is N = n ( Av t ) and each bullet changes its momentum by ∆ p b = mv ,the rate of change of the total momentum for the bullets that strike the area is F = P total t = N p b t = ( Av t ) nmv t
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Unformatted text preview: = Anmv 2 where n is the number density of the bullets (bullets per unit volume). The pressure is then p r = F A = nmv 2 = 2 nK , where K = 1 2 mv 2 . Note that nK is the kinetic energy density. Also note that the relation between energy and momentum for a bullet is quite diFerent from the relation between those quantities for an electromagnetic wave....
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