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55. (a) No refraction occurs at the surface ab , so the angle of incidence at surface ac is 90 φ . For total internal reflection at the second surface, n g sin(90 φ ) must be greater than n a .H e r e n g is the index of refraction for the glass and n a is the index of refraction for air. Since sin(90 φ )=cos φ ,we want the largest value of φ for which n g cos φ n a . Recall that cos φ decreases as φ increases from
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Unformatted text preview: n g cos = n a , or = cos 1 n a n g = cos 1 1 1 . 52 = 48 . 9 . The index of refraction for air is taken to be unity. (b) We now replace the air with water. If n w = 1 . 33 is the index of refraction for water, then the largest value of for which total internal reection occurs is = cos 1 n w n g = cos 1 1 . 33 1 . 52 = 29 . ....
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