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67. (a) The first contribution to the overall deviation is at the first refraction: δθ 1 = θ i θ r . The next contribution to the overall deviation is the reflection. Noting that the angle between the ray right before reflection and the axis normal to the back surface of the sphere is equal to θ r , and recalling the law of reflection, we conclude that the angle by which the ray turns (comparing the direction of propagation before and after the reflection) is 2 = 180 2 θ r . The final contribution is the refraction suFered by the ray upon leaving the sphere: 3 = θ i θ r again. Therefore, θ dev = 1 + 2 + 3 = 180 +2 θ i 4 θ r . (b) We substitute θ r = sin 1 ( 1 n sin θ i ) into the expression derived in part (a), using the two given values
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