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15. Thewaterismed ium1 ,so n 1 = n w which we simply write as n .Thea irismed ium2 ,forwh ich n 2 1. We refer points where the light rays strike the water surface as A (on the left side of Fig. 35-32) and B (on the right side of the picture). The point midway between A and B (the center point in the picture) is C . The penny P is directly below C , and the location of the “apparent” or Virtual penny is V .W eno te that the angle 6 CVB (the same as 6
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Unformatted text preview: 6 CPA ) is equal to 1 . The triangles CV B and CPB share a common side, the horizontal distance from C to B (which we refer to as x ). Therefore, tan 2 = x d a and tan 1 = x d . Using the small angle approximation (so a ratio of tangents is nearly equal to a ratio of sines) and the law of refraction, we obtain tan 2 tan 1 sin 2 sin 1 x d a x d n 1 n 2 d d a n which yields the desired relation: d a = d/n ....
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