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23. (a) One thing Einstein’s relativity has in common with the more familiar (Galilean) relativity is the reciprocity of relative velocity. If Joe sees Fred moving at 20 m/s eastward away from him (Joe), then Fred should see Joe moving at 20 m/s westward away from him (Fred). Similarly, if we see Galaxy A moving away from us at 0 . 35 c then an observer in Galaxy A should see our galaxy move away from him at 0 . 35 c . (b) We take the positive axis to be in the direction of motion of Galaxy A, as seen by us. Using the
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Unformatted text preview: notation of Eq. 38-28, the problem indicates v = +0 . 35 c (velocity of Galaxy A relative to Earth) and u = . 35 c (velocity of Galaxy B relative to Earth). We solve for the velocity of B relative to A: u = u v 1 uv/c 2 = ( . 35 c ) . 35 c 1 ( . 35)(0 . 35) = . 62 c or u = 1 . 87 10 8 m / s....
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