p39_074 - 74. (a) Since px = py = 0, ∆px = ∆py = 0....

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Unformatted text preview: 74. (a) Since px = py = 0, ∆px = ∆py = 0. Thus from Eq. 39-20 both ∆x and ∆y are infinite. It is therefore impossible to assign a y or z coordinate to the position of an electron. (b) Since it is independent of y and z the wave function Ψ(x) should describe a plane wave that extends infinitely in both the y and z directions. Also from Fig. 39-11 we see that |Ψ(x)|2 extends infinitely along the x axis. Thus the matter wave described by Ψ(x) extends throughout the entire three-dimensional space. ...
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