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58. (a) The plot shown below for | ψ 200 ( r ) | 2 is to be compared with the dot plot of Fig. 40-20. We note that the horizontal axis of our graph is labeled “ r ,” but it is actually r/a (that is, it is in units of the parameter a ). Now, in the plot below there is a high central peak between r =0and r 2 a , corresponding to the densely dotted region around the center of the dot plot of Fig. 40-20. Outside this peak is a region of near-zero values centered at r =2 a ,where ψ 200 = 0. This is represented in the dot plot by the empty ring surrounding the central peak. Further outside is a broader, flatter, low peak which reaches its maximum value at r =4 a . This corresponds to the outer ring with near-uniform dot density which is lower than that of the central peak. 0 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.04 1234 5 6 7 r (b) The extrema of ψ 2 ( r )for0 <r< may be found by squaring the given function, di±erentiating
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