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Unformatted text preview: 24. Using Eq. 40-20 (see also problem 27 in Chapter 40) we find that the lowest four levels of the rectangular corral (with this specific “aspect ratio”) are non-degenerate, with energies E1,1 = 1.25, E1,2 = 2.00, E1,3 = 3.25, and E2,1 = 4.25 (all of these understood to be in “units” of h2 /8mL2 ). Therefore, obeying the Pauli principle, we have Eground = 2E1,1 + 2E1,2 + 2E1,3 + E2,1 = 2(1.25) + 2(2.00) + 2(3.25) + 4.25 which means (putting the “unit” factor back in) that the lowest possible energy of the system is Eground = 17.25(h2 /8mL2 ). ...
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