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MOVIE NOTES march 4th - MOVIE NOTES! The rough skinned...

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MOVIE NOTES! The rough skinned newt: extremely poisonous paralyzes victim and then their organs shut down Why is this newt so toxic? Another animal is responsible… the common garder snake because he can often survive eating a rough skinned newt= selective pressure to increase toxin To test… Race baby garder snakes and measure the time it takes them to get a certain distance, then inject them with purified toxin and race again. The more resistant snakes will have less of a change in rates between trials… but those snakes that are most resistant are slower than those who are not to begin with (meaning that having the advantage to eat rough skinned newt leaves garder snakes slower to other predators One of our worst enemies are microbes… their battle ground is the human body The Russian crowded prisons were the origin of a severe strand of TB (tuberculosis) Only recently have we learned to fight microbes with drugs TB consumes the lungs when white blood cells are low. Can lay dormant for years making it tougher to
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