p44_016 - 25(462 kg = 5 8 × 10 2 kg If appeal is to made...

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16. In Sample Problem 44-2, it is noted that the rate of consumption of U-235 by (nonFssion) neutron capture is one-fourth as big as the rate of the rate of neutron-induced Fssion events. Consequently, the mass of 235 U should be larger than that computed in problem 15 by 25%: (1
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Unformatted text preview: . 25)(462 kg) = 5 . 8 × 10 2 kg . If appeal is to made to other sources (other than Sample Problem 44-2), then it might be possible to argue for a factor other than 1 . 25 (we found others in our brief search) and thus to a somewhat di±erent result....
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